Here's Smiley, a lovely abandoned cat who was taken in from behind an apartment building in Dartmouth. He was lucky a young couple decided to come to his help - otherwise, this handsome and deserving cat would be facing the winter without regular food or any type of shelter. Smiley's been neutered, tested negative for feline disease, and is now enjoying the life he deserves in the young couple's apartment.
According to his foster mom, "Smiley's content spending his day sitting in a window and stretching out in the sun and he gives lots of kisses."
She adds, "He's taken to watching us from the upstairs window when we pull out of the driveway in the morning and when he hears us pull back in at the end of the day he peeks his head over to see us and then runs downstairs to meet us at the door.
He's becoming more and more affectionate and likes to lay on the arm of the lazyboy with my boyfriend while they watch TV together, stretch out in the window and seems to want to be wherever we are in the house. He's al;so quite a snuggle bug and will make a great companion for someone. He's also quite playful. He's just a great cat."
Please consider adopting Smiley! You won't be disappointed.
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