Beautiful orange Newton - this friendly cat was found scrounging for food and shelter behind an apartment building in downtown Dartmouth.
Sweet and affectionate with humans, Newton has a lovely temperament and is getting along well with the two other cats in his foster home. His foster mother says he's very affectionate with her and loves to sit beside her on the couch while she relaxes. He's clean in his litterbox and loves to spend his spare time grooming himself.
Very hungry in the beginning, Newton had a voracious appetite but has learned he can walk away from the food and it'll still be there when he comes back to it later. His foster says he definitely likes the regular feedings and constant supply of dry food and water (heck, who wouldn't?).
Newton likes to play with some of the toys that the other two cats have become bored with, a sure sign that playing with toys is an entirely new joy for him. He's really a sweet little boy.
Since his rescue, Newton's been tested for feline disease, treated for parasites and neutered. He's now ready to meet his new family and he really hopes they'll come to meet him very soon.
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