Sassy came to us by patiently waiting for food at one of our Dartmouth feral colony feeding stations. She was obviously starving but more so, losing her fur. Our rescuer immediately picked her up and took her to the vet. This lost pet had been spayed in and even microchipped but we were unable to locate her former owners.
In the beginning, poor Sassy was almost hairless, and she was absolute skin and bones. We finally sorted out the source of the fur problem - a food allergy, which is easily fixed with a hypo-allergic diet (a $25 bag lasts a full month) and an over-the-counter allergy pill for $7.50 (lasts almost a month). Now that Sassy's getting the food she needs, her fur is growing in beautifully. We've used a skin conditioning treatment which makes her smell lovely and is doing wonders for her coat.
Sassy's personality is: INTELLIGENT, loving and cuddly and she's a great companion. Now that she's sure she's safe and feeling healthier, Sassy's quite cuddly and snuggly. She loves to play with balls and string and is happy to sit looking at you intelligently while you go about your business. I always picture her as being a wonderful eccentric spinster... perhaps that is her perfect forever home parent! ha! It wouldn't surprise us to find out that Sassy's a purebred Russian Blue.
Her coat is stunning. No tabby lines, no other color and luxuriously THICK, soft and getting better every day. As you can see by her eyes, she's SO smart, and she knows who she is!
We are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers. We ask a minimum adoption donation of $100. In return, you receive a lifelong companion pet, a charitable tax receipt for your donation, and your new pet's veteriinary record.