Hi. I have 6 dogs for free who I need to fing a home for as I am having my 4th child soon. Have no time.
I have:
Ash. - 8 year old german shepherd. very well trained and obediant has all obediance certificates to go with. great herding dog. does flyball but probably soon ready to retire. purebred with papers.

Sophie - 7 year old st.bernard. needs obediance training, but good on leash. has seperation anxiety. does flyball 3.7 second average. purebred with papers

Lassie - 5.5 year old collie. perfect dog. does flyball, agility and herding and has begun her disc training. we live on a farm, therefor she has lots of herding experiance great dog. current flyball record is 3.34 seconds!!! purebred and has papers.

Feature-5 year old mix breed cross of lab/shepherd/sheltie. was originally from spca. (i didnt raise her from a puupy i got her at 2 years) does flyball and agility. well behaved on leash but she will roam if not tied or fenced.

Zoe-2 year old chihuahua very shy and bites if approached by strangers she is required to wear a muzzle outside the home. has fear aggression but once shes used to you shell do great. also guards her food. does flyball but must be run by owner as she has fear of strangers. she is purebred with papers.

Risk-9.5 WEEK old lab puppy i just got her a week ago. yellow lab puppy. she knows sit, come and down. started working on stay. she has also began flyball training though wont be ready to compete till she is 1 year old.

FREE to good homes. Preferably together but I will seperate them.
pick up or delivery, doesnt matter to me.
great dogs but they need to go. free.